Cost of Tree Removal
Cost of Tree Removal in Farmington Hills Michigan and Surrounding Areas

The cost of removing a tree can vary a lot. It can depend on the location of the tree; The damages caused by the fallen tree; Does the tree pose any other potential danger? 

A common query from homeowners is how much an insurance company would pay to have a tree removed from their property.

To determine how much insurance companies would pay for a tree removal service, consider criteria such as the size of the tree and whether or not the tree required the use of a crane to be removed. The number of hours it took the tree service business to remove the tree; whether there were any unique requirements, such as creating special access ramps or bridges to bring in heavy equipment; and whether the work on the tree was done under dangerous conditions. Was the job completed at night or on weekends, necessitating after-hours rates? All of these considerations are taken into account by insurance companies when determining the reimbursement of the tree removal process. The word “reasonable and customary” is a helpful guideline to remember. The Insurance Company will cover the service offered to remove the tree as long as it was necessary and fair.

Your safety is the most important thing to insurance providers. They will almost certainly advise you to remove a large tree that is poised perilously over your house and to retain your receipts for the cost of the tree removal service.
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